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Sensorial Yoga has born from traditional Hatha Yoga and honors the philosophical roots of this ancient discipline.


Sensorial Yoga is an integrative somatic practice informed by neurobiology in two ways: first, understanding that sensory processing precedes motoric, mental, and cognitive functions; and second, Sensorial Yoga is always trauma-informed.

Through conscious movement and yoga forms (or, in Sanskrit, asana), Sensorial Yoga focuses on the myofascial system (because the fascia is the most sensory innervate organ in our body) and addresses safely the biomechanics and human anatomy.

Sensorial Yoga enhances and integrates proprioception, the vestibular system, and, especially, interception. Interoception is the sensory process by which we notice our internal states and sensations, and it promotes self-regulation and assertiveness.

I invite you to explore a practice designed to take care of your nervous system and where you are always welcome to make choices.

Every session includes meditation and guided relaxation.

Welcome to the practice for all nervous systems!


 Monday and Wednesday

18.30 -Helsinki time


Lunes Y Jueves

6.30 AM- Chile 

Martes y Viernes

7.00 AM- Chile






The benefits of Sensorial Yoga and meditation are accessible to everybody regardless of their age, abilities, and other temporary or permanent conditions.

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