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RESTORATIVE MASSAGES are a trauma-sensitive wellness treatment, which targets down-regulate your nervous system through deep gentle touch and pressure.

We can work together focusing on one style of massage or mixing the modalities. Optionally, organic essential oils may be used.


is an ancient massage, which consists of the digital pressure of points in the feet and hands. It works under the premisses of deep relaxation and stimulation of the body´s reflex zones to promote self-healing.


is a 9 sessions massage on the feet, hands, and head. It aims to work on deep and subconscious life patterns through the stimulation of specific reflex zones.




this massage technically has been developed in my more than14 years as a reflexologist, therapist, and energy worker. As an OT and yoga instructor, I apply anatomy and passive biomechanics principles to a full-body massage treatment focused on muscles (myo) and the fascia system.





promotes healing and recovery. If you notice yourself easily overwhelmed or hyper-vigilant and with difficulties getting back into a calmer state, it might be possible that your nervous system is dysregulated. These natural responses in stressful times could affect your quality of resting and your digestion.

what is fascia


Fascia is a connective tissue also considered the largest organ of our body. It is highly innervated, which means that it has the most sensory nerve fibers than any other part of the body. It is innervated by the autonomic nervous system and connected to the "insula", a part of the brain involved in interoception and self-awareness.


the best time and complements


Before every treatment, I invite you to have a chat about the moment of your cycle (hormonal, seasonal, vital) and we decide together what is the best for you accordingly to the nuances found. 

The use of essential oils and carrier oils will be discussed here too.



Thanks for this very relaxing treatment. Heartfelt caretaking and diverse!

Arja, Finland

Foot Reflexology


"I want to thank Jennifer for a relaxing and all-around pleasant moment during her massage. Her calm and pleasant treatment helped me relax at that moment and the same feeling continued in me later"

Leena, Finland

Body Massage


"Jennifer´s Massages were so relaxing! her calming presence and empathic approach made each moment very comfortable"

Mirella, Finland

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