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When we seek to become more present, aware, and at ease with ourselves in facing life changes, we might need support along the way. I invite you to find gentle ways to cope with stress, build resilience and nervous system healing and flexibility, developing deep compassion and curiosity about what is happening.

This is a process we craft together according to your situated perspective, your purposes, and context.

This goal-oriented trauma-informed coaching program is designed to enhance your skills of self-awareness, regulation, resilience, and compassion.






Body-mind wisdom praxis, self-regulation, and co-regulation,

nervous-system-based work 

somatic education,

embodied mindfulness,

occupational therapy models for well-being and balance,

 yoga as a experiential and practical philosophy

Image by Jacob Buchhave




Somatic comes from SOMA. Soma is the lived body enacting with all around in the present moment.

Healing, growing, and changing not only happen in the level of the mind.

We will include and honor the integrated nervous system, the context, your abilities, and potential.

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Each online coaching session is about 1 to 1.30 hours. 

We will explore movement, meditation, breathing work, self-inquiry, and guided journaling exercises

You might need to be in a quiet space and wearing comfortable clothes.  

If you want to join a program, but you are not fully sure, you can book a free short call to get to know each other and decide if we work together. 


Pay what you can from 220 - 300€ 

4 session coaching program

A short intro free call

+ Free Regular Accessible Yoga classes in small group 

One session 60€ 

Accessibility is at the core of my service. If you need support but you can not afford a session, you are welcome to reach out to me and discuss possibilities. I am always happy to connect and help you. 




" ...I´ve gained much more clarity in so many areas, and I learned a way to listen to my body and my intuition" 


Laura, 41

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