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Individual Coaching Sessions

Our life experiences are constantly shaping us. The knowing-body expresses in rhythms and interpersonal resonances   
The term Somatic refers to the "living body" and the "lived body", the experience of Being.

SomaticNature is one-on-one body-oriented coaching sessions (currently online) designed to awaken the wisdom of your body-mind, enhance your awareness, and support your self-care and wellness strategies.


It is a process of transformation through the integration of embodiment practices grounded on interpersonal neurobiology and neurosciences.

I offer you guidance, resources, and tools. You have the potential to act and transit into a volitional deep and embodied change. 


We work together merging somatic movement, meditation,  psycho-education, therapeutic yoga and sensory awareness.


You will get practical resources from occupational life balance models: self-care and balance in daily living activities, performance and leadership. 

The Multidimensional-Ecological model and the bio-psycho-socio-spiritual model are at the core of my work.

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you will get 

Researched, practical and compassion-based tools and resources to cultivate kindness, resilience, authenticity, leadership and presence 



the program includes


One 20 mins. first free call,

6 coaching online sessions.

You get to join for free to the Sensorial Yoga regular online classes.

Continuity assessments



SomaticNature is for you if


you want to cultivate resilience and expand your self-awareness



you want to start a transformational journey in the levels of:  energy, emotions, motivations, life performance... In all, your body-mind-environment interconnection and harmony is at play

you are looking for new ways to embody and act your potential

you want to explore ways to unlock from patterns of chronic stress and trauma, towards rhythm, curiosity, playfulness and pleasure

you are open to deepen into the schemas of perceptions, deconstructing narratives, and reflect on inquires about the micro and macro realities we live in, which are shaping us

you wish to create sustainable changes reconnecting your embodied nature 




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" I´ve gained much more clarity in so many areas, and I learned a way to listen to my body and my intuition" 


Laura, 41

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