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Practical knowledge and experiential learning

Gathering rituals as activism for mutual support.

Collective care and collaboration with embodied presence.


Yoga (Philosophy and practice), the nervous system, trauma and resilience, self-regulation for mental health support, permaculture and yoga.

I conduct group workshops and collaborate with organizations that advocate for an intersectional approach to collective well-being and activism.

Currently working with: 

Accessible Yoga & Somatics Platform (AYSP) Finland. 

Co-created network for shifting the hegemony and the expansion of yoga and somatics in the field of embodied social justice.


Safer spaces for groups and individuals. Emotions, mind, and body connection in community. 

Otroas Feminismoas 

Latin American community feminism, feminismo migrante and activism in Helsinki. Acuerpamiento!


Supporting the wellbeing of intercultural families in Finland.


Community-based activities for girls and women of different ages and backgrounds. Gender and culture sensitivity.

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