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Image by Florencia Galan

About Jennifer


Greetings, I am Jennifer, or just Jenni, and my pronouns are she/her/ella.

I'm a Chilean Licensed Occupational Therapist, an accessible and trauma-sensitive yoga teacher (E-RYT), a neuro-somatic coach. With over 9 years of experience, I've worked extensively with individuals and groups, both in-person and online, integrating embodiment practices, and ACT for occupational therapy in mental health, across various settings. These include therapy environments, clinical and community mental health and psychiatry facilities, NGOs, meditation retreats, and body-work studios.

I developed Sensorial Yoga and somatic practices focused on regulating and nurture the nervous system to build resilience and self-awareness. My work is neurodivergent-friendly, trauma-informed, and committed to diversity and inclusion.

I offer mentorship, teaching sessions, workshops, and Somatics counselling in both English and Spanish, extending my services globally from my base in Helsinki, Finland.



I've been working at the intersection of mental health and well-being, blending clinical and community approaches through a biopsychosocial lens.

My professional focus centers on women's care and neurodiversity within the realm of occupational therapy, encompassing clinical practice, mentorship, coaching, and somatic practices. Nevertheless, I remain open and eager to collaborate with individuals of all genders and diverse backgrounds.

For me, well-being is a continuous, situated and ecosystemic process.

It about awareness, practicing acceptance, and embracing collective care.

In my professional practice, I support individuals throughout their lives, acknowledging our inherent complexities and diverse nature.


I aim to nurture unique potentials across mental, physical, spiritual, and ecological dimensions.

I strongly advocate for embodied contemplative practices as invaluable tools for daily well-being. These practices should be accessible to all, promoting an understanding of our interconnectedness and celebrating unity amidst our diversity.

Our bodies are wise.

Image by Florencia Galan




Traditional Hatha Yoga RYT Loknath Institute of Yoga India/Chile with Yogiraj Tonmoy Shome (2014) - 200 hours 

Accessible Yoga Training, Accessible Yoga School with Jivana Heyman - 38 hours

Yoga Adaptado Método Arunai, Escuela Nacional de Yoga Adaptado España with Laura Piquer - 50 hours

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) The Center for Trauma and Embodiment with Krystyna Kowalski, Copenhagen - 20 hours

Trauma, Yoga and Neuroplasticity, The Minded Institute - 6 hours

Sensory Integration and Yoga with Mel Campbell, at the Sensory Integration Education, UK - 5,5 hours

Interoception-informed Yoga with Kelly Mahler OTD, OTR/L - 2 hours

Yin Yoga Myofascial and Acupressure Teacher Training with Akira Yoga - 14,5 hours

Yin Yoga, RYTT Bodsphere - 60 hours

How to teach Yoga to Folks With Disabilities & Wheelchair Users, Masterclass with Allihopa Yoga - 3 hours

 The Neuroscience of Change Coaching Training Program at Coaches Rising - 13 weeks training

Embodied Leadership with Richard Strozzi, Embodied Philosophy - 8 hours

Polyvagal Theory with Dr. S. Porges, Embodied Philosophy - 8 hours

Neurodanza, Trauma y Resiliencia, MOV y Centro de Estudios en Neurociencias Aplicadas (CENA, UNESCO) - 42 hours

Studies at Body-Mind Centering® Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen: Exploration of Movement and Studies on Embodiment and Cellular Consciousness - 8 weeks series

Studies at Body-Mind Centering® Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen: Free the vital energy and illuminating presence of your spine - 8 weeks series



ACT for Occupational Therapy Practitioners, AOTA, 2023.

Introduction to Multiple Sclerosis for Fitness and Wellness Professionals, National Multiple Sclerosis Society


Embodied Collaboration and Stress Relieve, Workshop at WiseMotion

Imagination, Creativity, and the Brain, Workshop at WiseMotion

Mindfulness Certification - MBSR with Paul Newham


Permaculture Design Certification, Eco-esceula el Manzano, Permaculture Research Institute and Gaia University


Life Coaching Certification at Achology Academy & Art Therapy Life Coaching at Transformational Academy

Womb Healing Meditation Facilitator with Miranda Gray (2013)

Reiki Usui II level Practitioner (2012).

ICF-WOF Certification, International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (2010)

Reflexology Therapy Certification, Casa de la Cultura Viña del Mar (2007)



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