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A compassionate, trauma-sensitive, and functional therapeutic coaching to support your balance and intentional change in 3 levels:


Nervous System Care -  

this is the foundational work to understand in an embodied way the interconnections of your thoughts, emotions, and the body across your personal history and in the present context.

Systemic Well-being -

this level is focused on cultivating psychological flexibility, radical acceptance, and self-awareness. We work with the open dynamic cycle system of human actions (MHO). 

Somatic Practices -

this is the integration work along the process that involve the two first levels into a practical and situated experience. Self-regulation skills and nervous system healing are the center in this level.



Somatics and trauma-informed nervous system work and embodied mindfulness 

ACT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Therapeutic counselling based on biopsychosocial models 

Community support online or in person in Helsinki, Finland


Image by Jacob Buchhave



Somatics comes from SOMA, which means your lived body, actively connecting and enacting with everything around you in the here and now.


Especially accessible if you are part of

Neurodiversity (ADHD and all spectrum)

Immigrant community

BIPOC, queer community




I am currently offering tailored pricing upon your needs and the modality, online or in person (Helsinki). 

Get in touch and book a first free online call of 20 minutes.

Laura, Finland

" ...I've got much more clarity in so many areas, and I learned a way to listen to my body and to my intuition" 

Katherine, Chile

"To look at myself, to feel myself, to move in different directions it has not been an easy task, it has difficult moments. However, it has been completely liberating. Infinite gratitude for this healing process!"

Ilkka, Finland

I have been struggling with insomnia while getting all the possible help from conventional medical approach. Jennifer was the only one who was able help and provide useful tools. Already after first tips, I was able to fall back to sleep for the very first time after waking up in the middle of the night.

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