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Diversity in Yoga: Ashtavakra

Yoga is a system to cultivate the realisation of our interdependence with everything.

In social media Yoga is mostly ableism.

The representative yoga focused on hegemonic appearance, gymnastic capabilities, fitness culture, and cultural appropriation has lead to exclusion. There is a large amount of people who could get the benefit from this ancient somatic practice but they don't feel welcome to be participants on it.

My view on disability is that we are all diverse beings embodying different intensities.

Disability is a process in relation to our environment and community.

And we are all going naturally to change our abilities along our lifespan.

Yoga is a complex system of practical philosophy evolved from India and evolving constantly to these current times.

Physical work, postures, and sequence of movements is just a tiny little part of yoga.

Meditation, study, devotion is yoga.


There was a Great Yogi, a Sage, who had physical disabilities from birth: Ashtavakra.

Some words from his dialogues, on radical non-dualism, the Ashtavakra Gita:

If you wish to be free,

Know you are the Self,

The witness of all these,

The heart of awareness.


You are one and the same

In joy and sorrow,

Hope and despair, Life and death.

You are already fulfilled.

Let yourself dissolve.


I am the ocean.

All the worlds are like waves.

This is the truth.

Nothing to hold on to,

Nothing to let go of,

Nothing to dissolve.


When the mind is attracted

To anything it senses,

You are bound.

When there is no attraction,

You are free.


As a teacher, I am committed to constantly prepare myself to share the benefits of yoga to everyone regardless their physical and mental conditions.


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